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Fragrance Enhancer Concentrate (Various Scents & Sizes)

Fragrance Enhancer Concentrate (Various Scents & Sizes)

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This fragrance enhancer is a concentrated water soluble liquid that can be used in the following ways to add a punch of high-quality fragrance to your life:

  • Laundry - for small loads, mix 1/2 to 1 ounce with your fabric softener or use alone in your washer's fabric softener compartment.  HE compatible. DO NOT OVER-DRY CLOTHES OR FRAGRANCE MAY DISAPPEAR!
  • Cleaning products - mix 1 ounce with 20 fl. oz. of most cleaning products (not recommended to be used with bleach).
  • Linen, Laundry, and Room Spray - To make 8 oz finished spray, use up to 2 ounces Fragrance Enhancer with 6 ounces water to create a long lasting spray for your room, linens, and fresh laundry. Use more or less Fragrance Enhancer to adjust the intensity. This solution makes an excellent before-you-go spray too. 

Our high-quality fragrances are:

  • Skin-Safe
  • Phthalate-free
  • Same Quality as Expensive Body Sprays

Ingredients: Fragrance, polysorbate 20, filtered water.  May include essential oils.


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