Homage 270+ All-Purpose Cleaning Concentrate 2oz - Makes 10 oz All-Purpose Cleaner
$ 6.99


    Homage Essentials Homage 270+ All Purpose Cleaning Concentrate 2oz

    Our amazing all-purpose Premium Cleaning Concentrate renamed. Perfect size to gift or try for yourself. 

    Each 2 ounce bottle will make one 10 oz fully diluted cleaner with 1.5% peroxide. Use with our Opaque Black Glass Spray Bottle (purchase separately). 

     INSTRUCTIONS: To make all-purpose cleaner. Spot test first. Mix 2 oz 270+ with 8 oz water in spray bottle. Spray desired surface, Rinse if needed. Store mixed solution in a dark bottle away from direct light. CAUTION: KEEP OUT OF REACH OF CHILDREN. In case of accidental ingestion. Drink water to dilute and contact a physician. Do not mix with any household cleaners.