What Cleaning Concentrate To Choose

What Cleaning Concentrate To Choose

Non-toxic hydrogen peroxide cleaners

Want to start cleaning but unsure what cleaning concentrate to choose?

We want to help make the choice easier and We want to provide you with the best info and knowledge so you can be confident in sharing.


Homage 360+ Universal Cleaning Concentrate is formerly our laundry detergent. Same product but with a new name because our laundry detergent is SO much more than a laundry detergent.


Homage 360+ is a concentrated universal cleaner that literally can be used on everything hence the name "360." Can be used on hard surfaces, fabric, upholstery, textiles and laundry. The "+" signifies that this product includes+ 7% hydrogen peroxide.Use Homage 360+ full strength to wash laundry in the washing machine. Dilute (1 part concentrate to 4 parts water) for universal surface cleaner. Clean hard surfaces, upholstery, carpet, fabric and more.

Homage 270+ All-Purpose Cleaning Concentrate is formerly our original cleaning concentrate. The number 270 represents where the cleaner can be used. Pretty much on everything but in the washing machine. For all hard surfaces, kitchen, bathroom, outdoors and more. The "+" signifies that this product includes+ 7% hydrogen peroxide.

Sprayable Gel Cleaning Concentrate Homage 360+ Cleaning Concentrate. The only difference between the gel and the non-gel is the consistency. Even when diluted the gel  is thick when sprayed. It will stick to where it is sprayed and not drip down.

The gel is perfect for vertical surfaces like bathroom walls, mirrors, toilets, laundry pre-treatment and more! We have even tried Homage 360+ gel in fragrance free* in the dishwasher and it does great! *use fragrance free for surfaces that will come in contact with food.

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