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3 Tips for Decorating Your Home

3 Things to keep in mind when decorating your home. Leslie shares a few things she's learned over the years on how to decorate a home. Whether you buy something new for your space or move an existing item from one room to another all three of these tips apply. 

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Raven's Story | Homage Essentials Creator and Founder

Hey good people! My name is Raven and I’m the other half of the Homage Essentials dynamic duo! Those who have followed me over the years may remember that I started Pyoure Cleaning back at the end of 2014. I’m a business contracts and intellectual property lawyer by trade, and Pyoure was something I did on the side. It’s kind of ironic because absolutely DETEST cleaning (and I’m a bit of a germaphobe, so you can imagine my constant internal struggle 😂😂). But my hate for cleaning is what gave me the idea years ago to create a product that made the process a little more enjoyable with a beautiful fragrance. So I created an earth, family, and pet friendly cleaning product and...

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