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A Note from Our Co-Founder

  It’s been a rough few weeks for me personally as I’ve watched a seemingly never-ending barrage of violence and brutality on my television and computer.  Watching the gruesome death of a helpless black man at the hands of people who swore to protect him was something that triggered me and many others who look like me.  Witnessing such a violent act sent me spiraling into a depression.  It was a sad reminder that there are many evil people in this world. But then I remembered the wonderful people that I engage with every single day.  You, my awesome customers, are absolutely among those that I consider close to my heart. When I thought about how I have received nothing...

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Hydrogen Peroxide Cleaning Experiment | Does Hydrogen Peroxide REALLY Clean?

This article contains affiliate links. Updated: March 12, 2020 I'm sure you've heard lots of horrible things about how toxic and unsafe bleach is.  But as a mother, I know all too well the temptation to back-slide into using it, especially when cleaning really disgusting areas like the bathrooms.  After all, those areas need heavy-duty cleaning, and bleach definitely kills germs.   Chances are, if you're a somewhat health conscientious person, you've heard about the new trend of using hydrogen peroxide as a germ fighting alternative to bleach.  And if you're a skeptic like me, you probably thought that cleaning with hydrogen peroxide is "cute" and all, buuuut ... lemme go grab the bleach for that unmentionable mess in bathroom. So...

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The Dirty Truth About Hand Sanitizer

Guess what.  People are gross.  For whatever reason, my fellow humans just refuse to wash their hands.  They want to go the quick and dirty route (pun intended) of “sanitizing”  them instead (I’m using “sanitize” very loosely here).  Instead of buying up all the soap at grocery stores and supermarkets, they’re buying up all the hand sanitizer. Here’s the problem with hand sanitizer: it’s generally only effective on clean hands.  And when I say “clean hands,” I mean hands that have no significant amount of dirt and oil present.  Sanitizers containing alcohol cannot penetrate through oil and dirt to kill germs.  What they can do, however, is kill the remaining germs that are present on skin that has been washed. ...

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