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Leslie's Story | Customer to Co-Owner

Hey! I'm Leslie! I'm a PNW native, I live outside of Seattle with my husband and two boys. I love plants, thrifting and home remodel. I'm always rearranging my furniture and thinking of how I can switch things up in my home.  My story behind Homage Essentials & Co With two little boys running around there is ALWAYS dirt and sticky finger spots all over. After a stomach bug spread through all of the members in my home, I decided I needed a cleaner that would clean really well. I also wanted a cleaner that would be non-toxic. After lots of searching on the internet, I found a product called Pyoure (now Homage Essentials) on Dr Annie tests all...

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How does Homage Essentials Compare to bleach?

The day's of using harmful Bleach are over! Bleach releases fumes and can adversely react with other chemical compounds and even can damage fabrics. Unlike Bleach, Homage Essentials Premium Hydrogen peroxide is formulated in a solution characterized as a mildly acidic pH, which makes the hydrogen peroxide shelf stable.  The mildly acidic pH also aids in cleaning pH sensitive stains like hard water, soap scum, and grout. Hydrogen peroxide also contains strong bleaching properties and has the ability to break down  safely into oxygen and water after killing germs.

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Hydrogen Peroxide Cleaning Experiment | Does Hydrogen Peroxide REALLY Clean?

 I'm sure you've heard lots of horrible things about how toxic and unsafe bleach is.  But as a mother, I know all too well the temptation to back-slide into using it, especially when cleaning really disgusting areas like the bathrooms.  After all, those areas need heavy-duty cleaning, and bleach definitely kills germs.   Chances are, if you're a somewhat health conscientious person, you've heard about the new trend of using hydrogen peroxide as a germ fighting alternative to bleach.  And if you're a skeptic like me, you probably thought that cleaning with hydrogen peroxide is "cute" and all, buuuut ... lemme go grab the bleach for that unmentionable mess in bathroom. So of course, once I heard about peroxide's germ killing...

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