Homage's Tips for Storing Your Off Season Clothes

Homage's Tips for Storing Your Off Season Clothes

Homage's Tips for Storing Your Off Season Clothes

 Fall is here and the temperatures are dropping in most areas of the country. If you are in the midst of changing your clothes from summer to winter, you’re not alone! Did you know that there’s a proper system for storing your off season clothes well? 


Here’s how Homage 360+ 7% Hydrogen Peroxide Cleaning Concentrate can help you store your off season clothes properly so they are ready to be worn again in the Spring!

Homage's Tips for Storing Your Off Season Clothes

Step 1: Sorting

Before you store your clothes, you need to sort them and decide which clothing items are worth saving for another year. Take out any clothes that don’t fit or need to be repaired and mended. 

Be sure to ask yourself how much you wore the items and if you will really wear them next year, too. If you didn’t wear them much this past summer, now is a great time to sell or donate any clothing items that are in good condition. 

 Homage's Tips for Storing Your Off Season Clothes

Step 2: Laundering and Mending

Launder all of your out of season clothes before storing, donating, or selling them. Our Homage 360+ is perfect for this step! It will make your clothes clean and smelling great for the long storage season. Cleaning your clothes before storing them also helps prevent bugs from being attracted to the clothes while they are in storage. 

Don't forget to pretreat your dirty clothes for stains! Did you know our Homage 360+ works to treat stains as well? Simply dilute our concentrate 50/50 with water and apply to your clothing with a spray bottle. Be sure to check for color fastness on a small corner if needed. 

Have clothes that need to be dry cleaned? Make a pile and get them cleaned now. If you store your clothes when they are dirty, they will be stained when you try to wear them next year. 

Once your clothes are clean, make sure they get mended as well before storing them away. If you don’t know how to mend them yourself, find a tailor or alterations service to do it for you!
 Homage's Tips for Storing Your Off Season Clothes

Step 3: Storing

When storing your clothes, always make sure to have your zippers and buttons fastened to help the clothes retain their shape. Try to avoid storing your clothes in an area that can have extreme temperature differences because it can be hard on fabrics. You can also add cedar or lavender sachets to keep your clothes fresh and help repel any bugs.

Avoid using cardboard boxes to store your clothes because they can stain your clothes and they aren’t as resistant to bugs and moisture. Instead, use plastic totes or another type of sealed container. 

For hanging items and delicate fabrics, store them in garment bags. There are even breathable garment bags that are great for really delicate fabrics that you will store in your closet in the off season. If you don’t have much hanging space but need to store delicate fabrics, you can wrap them in acid free tissue paper making sure to separate easily snagged fabrics from anything that is embellished or embroidered.

Homage's Tips for Storing Your Off Season Clothes 

Kids Clothing:

Sort kid clothes by size and season. 

After laundering with Homage 360+, decide what clothes are worth keeping for a younger child, what can be sold online or at a consignment store, and what can be given to a thrift store. 


Did you know one gallon of our Homage 360+ Concentrate can launder 85 loads of clothing? Grab a gallon of Homage 360+ Cleaning Concentrate in your favorite fall scent today! 

And don't forget a measuring cup and spray bottle, too! Find everything you need at the link here.


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