7% Hydrogen Peroxide Laundry Detergent (various scents) 128 oz - 85 Loads
$ 74.99


Homage Essentials combines hydrogen peroxide's natural cleaning strength with organic plant based surfactants (a.k.a. soap), and spa-like fragrances to create the ultimate non-toxic universal laundry detergent.

Washes up to 85 LOADS ( various scents) or makes 5 gallons universal cleaner* 
1 Gallon • 128 fl oz • 3.79 l

The surfactants in this detergent

  • Rinse Easily
  • Are Naturally Plant Based
  • Are Non-Toxic
  • Contain NO SLS
  • Contain NO Synthetic Ingredients
  • Contain NO Phosphates
  • Safe for Fish and Aquatic Life

Our high-quality fragrances are

  • Skin-Safe
  • Phthalate-free
  • Same Quality as Expensive Body Sprays
  • Long-Lasting

Our hydrogen peroxide

  • Contains NO Heavy Metals
  • Contains NO Stabilizers
  • Is Highly Concentrated and Potent
  • Is Food Grade Quality

Our fragrance free version is PERFECT for babies and those with chemical sensitivities or allergies.


HE washing machine compatible.


Homage Essentials offers hydrogen peroxide cleaners and products that you can really feel good about using around your family and pets.  We are so confident in our products that every purchase is backed by our 30-day unconditional 100% Satisfaction Guarantee.


So go ahead and buy with confidence because we've got you covered.


*Did you know our laundry detergent can double as a Universal, carpet and upholstery cleaner?! Literally one cleaner for you whole home! 

· Non-Toxic
· Hydrogen Peroxide based 
· Non-toxicHuman+ Pet Safe 
· Organic Based Surfactants 
· Bottled in BPA-Free recyclable 
· HDPE container 
· No harsh chemicals,No parabens, phthalates 
· Bleach free

*Fragrance Free option has no added fragrance. Hydrogen Peroxide does have a smell some my not like. Add your own favorite essential oils to fragrance free concentrate if desired.

All fragrances in 16 ounce size bottles are regular strength fragrance.   This bundle is a great way to try out product and fragrance before purchasing our gallon size.

 BUY & SAVE  Upgrade to our gallon size of cleaning concentrate. Save price per oz + cut down on waste with less packaging.



LAUNDRY:Follow garment care directions. Works in all water temperatures. 
 1.5 ounce - small loads 
 3 ounces - medium loads 
 4.5 ounces - large or heavily soiled loads.

*Did you know our laundry detergent can double as a Universal, carpet and upholstery cleaner?! Literally one cleaner for you whole home! 

To make Universal Cleaner. First shake Laundry Concentrate  well. Mix 1 part  concentrate with 4 equal parts water. Test In An Inconspicuous Spot Prior To Usage If Surface Has Any Type Of Finish Or Is Plastic (This Stuff Is Strong!). Gloves Are Highly Recommended When Handling Undiluted Concentrate. Using Mixed cleaning solution, Spray Dirty Surface, and Wipe Clean. Rinse If Necessary. 

WHERE TO USE:Every Surface + Every Room! 
 · Kitchen: Countertops, Sink, Cabinets, Appliances, Stainless Steel, Glass, Tile, Grout, Ceramic, Hardware + More 
 · Bathroom: Tubs, Shower, Toilet, Sinks, Tile, Grout, Mirrors, Window, Hardware, Lighting 
 · Bedroom: Windows, Furniture, Lighting, Clean Kids Toys + More 
 · More: Ceramic, Metal, Concrete, Car Interiors, Outdoor Furniture, Garage. 

Even Though Our Products Are Non-Toxic, Please Keep Out Of Reach Of Children.Store Mixed Solution In A Dark Bottle Away From Direct Light. If Stored For An Extended Period Of Time, Keep Cap Screwed On Loosely.



Laundry Detergent: distilled water, hydrogen peroxide, organic surfactants, citric acid, xanthan gum, fragrance*, essential oils*. 

*May not be contained in all versions.


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We use premium and responsibly sourced ingredients to ensure our products are of the highest quality.


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Buy with confidence and clean with assurance. Every purchase is backed by our 30-day unconditional 100% Satisfaction Guarantee. 

Reusable  Spigot

Easy dispensing laundry detergent and cleaning concentrates. Fits all 128 oz containers.


Matte Black Glass Spray Bottle - Homage Essentials

Laundry Detergent 16oz

7% Hydrogen Peroxide Laundry Detergent


Make Every Drop Count! 

Reusable Spout for Gallon Sizes
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No More Guessing

Dual Spout Measuring Glass
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