7% Food Grade Hydrogen Peroxide
$ 8.99


    7% Food Grade Hydrogen Peroxide

    Free of toxic stabilizers

    Available in 32 oz and 16 oz sizes  

    Storage/Shelf Life: Store in cool and dark location  U.V. And sunlight decompose hydrogen peroxide. If stored for extended time slightly loosen cap to avoided pressure build up bursting the bottle  

    : Distilled Water, 7% food grade hydrogen peroxide

    Usage: Food grade hydrogen peroxide is a raw compound used for many different purposes. We do not provide application- specific instructions. We do provide dilution ratios. 


    Caution: Skin and eye irritant. Keep Out of reach of children. In the event of undiluted internal consumption do not induce vomiting. Drink as much water as possible and seek immediate medical attention. If contact with eyes, flush eyes immediately with water and seek prompt medical attention.


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