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Our formulas redefine cleaning, efficiency and safely. The capital ingredient and cleaning agent is hydrogen peroxide, which acts as an active all-purpose cleaner. Hydrogen peroxide was carefully chosen because of its strong antibacterial, antifungal, and antiviral qualities. Hydrogen peroxide can also kill mold and mildew and contains strong bleaching properties. Hydrogen peroxide breaks down instantly and safely into oxygen and water once it is finished killing germs.    

Homage Essentials & Co Hydrogen Peroxide Cleaners are the most unique cleaning product on the market. The unique blend of powerful organic surfactants quickly and easily dissolves grease, grime, and filth, while the premium scents are reminiscent of exquisite and aromatic designer candles. 

Co-Founder of Homage Essentials & Co

What Our Customers Are Saying

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Awesome products and fast shipping.

Laura W.

This hand sanitizer is incredible! The only sanitizer I have ever used that actually makes my hands feel soft and moisturized! You have earned a very loyal customer for life!

Victoria V.

Love this hand sanitizer!

I was pleasantly surprised after using this hand sanitizer that my hands actually felt more moisturized and softer! This does not leave that drying feeling that you experience with most hand sanitizers. After 30 seconds or so the initial alcohol smell dissipates and leaves a light, very pleasant scent behind. Will definitely purchase again!

Jennifer S.

I purchased this product after seeing the science experiments showing how well it works. Bacteria and germs are a source of anxiety for me because my daughter has leukemia and has a compromised immune system. I will continue to purchase much more of this product.

Carrie B.

I love the way these products clean. I have stainless appliances and other cleaners leave streaks but these do not! The scents are wonderful too. I stopped buying wipes and other cleaners! Because the cleaners are concentrated, they last for months.

Joy S. 

I will forever buy this cleaning concentrate (Wild Sage and Aloe Bergamot Waters). It is one of my favorite purchases ever, go figure a cleaning solution! But it smells so amazing, even for hours after you’ve finished cleaning. I’m cleaning the countertop so frequently, just so I can smell the fragrance. Oh, and it cleans very well too! Go ahead and purchase... you will not be disappointed!

Tara O.


I LOVE this combo!! Three different fragrances to switch up my cleaning ‘mood’. :) I can’t imagine cleaning with anything else!

Brynn C.

Great Stuff!

Thoroughly enjoy this product, I enjoy using and having my home smells delightful after using solution. Love it!

Cristina M.


We are so confident that you will love our products that we provide a 30-day money back guarantee with absolutely no questions asked. Send us an email and your product back within 30 days, and we will issue a full refund.


Hydrating Sanitizers

Our hand sanitizer contains 75% alcohol, which exceeds the 60% alcohol content recommended by the CDC for hand sanitizers. Not only are our hand sanitizers highly effective but they also are moisturizing.

Menthanol Free, USA Sourced Ingredients & Made In Washington.