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Cleaning Concentrates

Homage Essentials & Co 

 HOMAGE ESSENTIALS™ combines powerful plant based cleaner and 7% concentrated hydrogen peroxide to get your laundry cleaner than ever before. Our amazing fragrances will change the chore of laundry to an eagerly awaited activity. Safe for the whole family.

These highly concentrated cleaning solutions use food grade hydrogen peroxide and ultra concentrated soaps that cut through grease and clean better than the big name brands.

Now all you've got to do is add water, spray, and wonder where we've been all your life.

1 gallon of cleaning concentrate makes 40 - 16oz bottles of All purpose Cleaner! 

That's works out to be $1.87 per spray bottle! A gallon of concentrate will last you a long time! If you want to try many fragrances but don't think you'll go through a gallon, split a gallon with a friend!

Choose from 6 amazing fragrances options or fragrance free.