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Does Peroxide Kill Coronavirus?

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Does Peroxide Kill Coronavirus

I don't know about the rest of you, but I am freaking tf out over the newest human coronavirus that has entered the world stage. As a result, I’ve gone full throttle into I-don’t-care-if-I-look-crazy-spraying-everything-cuz-I’m-not-getting-sick germaphobe mode.  

I’ve been buying lots of extra vitamins and health boosting supplements as well as stocking up on my cleaning supplies. I’ve even started mixing surgical grade anti-microbial soap into my children's hand wash after I almost lost it when I saw my daughter sucking her thumb. *Sigh*


non-toxic hydrogen peroxide cleaner


But as I was cleaning (i.e. decontaminating) my kitchen a few nights ago with our hydrogen peroxide based all-purpose cleaner, I kept thinking to myself, does the peroxide kill coronavirus? Because I haven't personally come across information suggesting that there's anything hydrogen peroxide can't kill, I had a sneaking suspicion that the answer was probably "yes."

But in true form, I started doing a lot of digging for more concrete information.  I read a bunch of research articles and publications.  I found that although no tests have been published about peroxide’s effectiveness against the most recent strain of coronavirus, it has been found to be extremely effective against other strains of coronavirus. And since this particular strain of coronavirus has been found to be very similar to previous strains of coronavirus, the evidence suggests that that peroxide could potentially be extremely effective against it as well. 

What's even more promising is that studies have shown that the prior strains of coronavirus were killed in 1 minute, using only a .5% hydrogen peroxide solution. (Just to give you a point of reference, when fully diluted according to instructions, our cleaners produce a 1.5% solution of hydrogen peroxide.)  An interesting side note is that hydrogen peroxide was also shown to be highly effective against hard-to-kill mycobacteria and fungi within 5 minutes of peroxide exposure.


Non-toxic Hydrogen Peroxide cleaner


If I’m being honest, is hydrogen peroxide’s incredible effectiveness really a surprise to anyone?  This amazing substance is powerful enough to disinfect surgical equipment, but yet is extremely safe for our environment because it safely breaks down into water and oxygen.  Our bodies even produce the stuff naturally to kill off illnesses!

If you haven’t already, I highly recommend getting a few bottles and keeping them handy.  I personally keep a small bottle of peroxide in my purse and unabashedly spray down all public surfaces that have even a modicum of questionability about them. 

Need great peroxide products?  Look no further!  Check out our pure food-grade 7% hydrogen peroxide, which contains zero added chemicals.

Stay safe! 


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