5 Easy Steps for Spring Cleaning your Beds and Baths www.homageco.com

5 Tips for Spring Cleaning Your Bedrooms and Bathrooms

Spring cleaning. Are you someone who loves it or hates it? The thought of deep cleaning every room in your house may seem overwhelming at first, but it doesn’t have to be! By breaking up your home into areas and only focusing on a few at a time, you’ll be able to enjoy a thoroughly clean home in no time. Here are 5 tips for spring cleaning your bedroom and bathroom.

5 Tips for Spring Cleaning Your Bedrooms & Bathrooms www.homageco.com

1.Use the Right Cleaning Products and Tools

Spring cleaning is simple and quick with Homage Essentials. No need to worry about multiple cleaning products when you have Homage 360+ cleaning concentrate, a few microfiber cleaning cloths, and a spray bottle! Here’s a full list of what you’ll need when it comes to spring cleaning your bedrooms and bathrooms:

We love using Homage Essentials & Co hydrogen peroxide cleaners around our homes. These cleaners contain powerful organic surfactants that bust through the dirt and grime that lurks in our homes. 

The best part is that you can trade in your big bin of cleaners for Homage’s Cleaning Concentrates! Simply dilute the concentrate in the ratio of 1 part cleaner to 4 parts water and get cleaning! We recommend storing the diluted cleaner in a dark spray bottle to keep the hydrogen peroxide from breaking down in sunlight. And storing your diluted Homage 360+  in a dark spray bottle allows you to keep it on the counter which makes cleaning even easier. 

Be sure to grab a 128 oz (1 gallon) size of Homage’s 360+ Universal Cleaning Concentrate to get the best bang for your spring cleaning buck! You’ll get the cleaning equivalent of 40, 16oz spray bottles of cleaner in one gallon of cleaning concentrate. See our tips for diluting your Homage Concentrated Cleaners at this post. Choose your favorite scent and get ready to enjoy a clean house for spring!

Homage Co. Bedroom Spring Cleaning Checklist www.homageco.com

2.Take Time to Declutter

When you are spring cleaning, it can be tempting to rush through and just get the bedroom and bathroom clean. But, if you declutter the areas first, you’ll find that you will be able to keep the areas clean more easily in the long run. That’s why we recommend emptying out your closets, drawers, medicine cabinet, etc.

When you are spring cleaning your bedrooms and bathrooms, you’ll be amazed at what you find lurking in the back corners! Get rid of anything that is out of date, expired, unusable, or broken. You’ll feel better knowing that everything you have is usable. And you may even end up with some empty drawers!


3.Focus on Edges and Corners

One of the biggest reasons we believe in spring cleaning each year is because of the dirt, grime, and dust that lurks behind our bedroom furniture and bathroom fixtures. It’s amazing, and also a little gross, to see how dirty those areas can get!

During weekly cleanings, you don’t need to worry about moving furniture away from the walls or wiping down the baseboards. But at least once a year, you should do yourself a favor and really focus on cleaning the edges and corners of your beds and baths. 

 Bathroom Spring Cleaning Checklist from Homage Co. www.homageco.com

4.Take Your Time

It’s important to set aside enough time to spring clean your bedrooms and bathrooms. This isn’t a project that you can whip through in a matter of minutes. You will probably need a day or two depending on how many bedrooms and bathrooms you are trying to spring clean.

Depending on your situation, you may want to break up your decluttering and cleaning. This way, you won’t get overwhelmed and give up halfway through the project. Also, decluttering can be a great project to involve the kids in. Have them check expiration dates on bathroom products, sort through their clothes for anything they’ve outgrown, or empty their drawers and get all of the trash out of their bedrooms. 

 It's easy to spring clean your bedroom with Homage Essentials www.homageco.com

5.Don’t forget to look up!

Don’t forget to look up to your ceiling, ceiling fans, light fixtures, etc. and check for dust and cobwebs. After a long winter, you’ll be surprised at how much dust has accumulated. Use a long handled duster to reach the areas that are too high to get to on your own. Before you turn the A/C on for the summer, you’ll want to make sure your vents and ceiling fans are functioning properly and are free of dust and debris. This will help them run more efficiently and save you money in the long run. 

Spring cleaning your bedrooms and bathrooms doesn’t have to be an overwhelming task. If you use our checklists, break up the jobs into smaller groups, and be sure to take your time you’ll have sparkling clean areas to enjoy before you know it! Do yourself the favor of having a fresh and clean bedroom and bathroom this Spring.

For all your spring (and daily) cleaning, check out Homage Essentials’ products. Simplify your cleaning routine with these Hydrogen Peroxide based cleaning concentrates that will fight dirt, grime, and germs while helping your house to shine. Find what you need here. 

Easy Tips for Spring Cleaning Your Bedroom www.homageco.com

How Homage Makes Spring Cleaning Bathrooms Easy www.homageco.com

5 Easy Steps for Spring Cleaning Your Beds and Baths www.homageco.com

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