How we dilute and use Homage Essentials 360+

How We Dilute and Use Homage Essentials 360+ Cleaning Concentrate

Did you know that most of the sprayable cleaners that are available to purchase at the big box stores are created by diluting concentrated cleaning solutions? This makes it easier for you, because you don’t have to measure and dilute the cleaner yourself. But, it also allows those companies to charge you more for a cleaning product that isn't as strong. That's why we love diluting our cleaning concentrate ourselves. Here’s how we dilute and use Homage Essentials 360+ Cleaning Concentrate. 

How We Dilute and Use Homage Essentials 360+

One of the reasons we love using Homage Essentials cleaning concentrates is that you can control how much your cleaning solution is diluted. Different jobs call for different strengths of cleaning solution. But with the amazing cleaning properties of our 7% hydrogen peroxide cleaning concentrates, you won’t have to buy multiple cleaners to clean your home and laundry. One bottle can truly do it all!

Where to use Homage Essentials 

We use Homage Essentials Cleaning Concentrates in every area of our homes. There’s no need to buy a separate glass cleaner, countertop cleaner, laundry detergent, bathroom cleaner, or carpet cleaner. With all of the many decisions we all have to make every day, this is one decision that is easy. 

It's so easy to clean the house with Homage Cleaning Concentrates

In the kitchen, you can use Homage 360+ on your sink, countertops, appliances, cabinets, and more! When it comes to cleaning your bathrooms, Homage 360+ works on the tub, shower, toilet sink, grout, tile.

For other areas of the house, use your Homage Essentials 360+ cleaning concentrate on your laundry, carpets, upholstery, toys, furniture, etc. 

How to Properly Dilute Homage Essentials 360+ 

It’s so simple to dilute your Homage cleaning concentrates. Just remember to always use a 1 to 4 part ratio of cleaner to water. There’s no one right way to measure and mix the cleaning solution, if you want to be exact, grab a measuring cup here.

If you are using a 16 oz spray bottle and want to be precise, we recommend you use 3.2 fluid ounces of cleaning concentrate plus 12.8 fluid ounces of water. For the best results, use distilled water if your tap water is hard or has lots of minerals in it. The hydrogen peroxide will react with the minerals and break down in your spray bottle before you have a chance to clean with it. Using hard water in this cleaning concentrate can also leave streaks and water spots. 

How we dilute and use Homage 360+


Also, when it comes to hydrogen peroxide, there’s a reason you always see it in a dark bottle. Did you know that hydrogen peroxide breaks down from sunlight? Our opaque black spray bottle is perfect for preserving the hydrogen peroxide in your cleaning concentrate solution. This allows you to keep your cleaner solution on your counter instead of having to store it in a dark cupboard. 

Does Homage Essentials work on your dirty laundry?

When you are using Homage 360+ cleaning concentrate to wash your laundry, there’s no need to dilute it. Simply measure out the appropriate amount of Homage 360+ for the size of your load of laundry. Have stains you need to pretreat? Use a 50/50 ratio of Homage 360+ to water.

One of our favorite parts of using Homage Essentials in our homes is that you can choose the fragrance you want or you can use our fragrance free version! This version is perfect for babies and those with chemical sensitivities and allergies. If you aren’t sure what fragrance to choose, grab some fragrance enhancer concentrates and pair them with your fragrance free Homage 360+. This will let you change your scent with every load of laundry! And, just so you know, Homage 360+ is HE washing machine compatible. 

Now that you know how easy it is to dilute the cleaning concentrates from Homage Essentials, you are ready to get cleaning! Find everything you need to clean your home and laundry at Homage Essentials & Co. And for more tips follow us on Instagram @thehomageco.

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