Do you wash your bedding enough? Find out here.

Are You Washing Your Bedding Enough?

Do you know how often you should be washing your bedding? Are you washing your bedding enough, according to the experts? You may be surprised to learn what they say. Recently, we read an article that stated a survey found that ⅓ of the population only wash their sheets once a year. Yes, you read that right. One third of the population has clean sheets on their beds one night a year! If you’ve ever felt like you’re behind on your laundry, take heart, you’re doing ok! 

Now you know how we feel about keeping our cleaning products and routines simple and non-toxic. That’s why we developed Homage Essentials. When it comes to cleaning your bedding, our Homage 360+ is the perfect product for getting rid of the dust mites, allergens, and other yuckiness that builds up on your sheets and blankets. But how often should you be washing your bedding?

 Are You Washing Your Bedding Enough?

Are you Washing Your Bedding Enough? 


Sheets are the bedding items that are closest to your body each night. They should be washed weekly or bi-weekly. Be sure to follow the washing instructions on your sheets and use warm or hot water to make sure they are clean. There’s nothing better than climbing into a bed made with clean sheets at the end of a long day!

Duvets & Comforters-

Who doesn’t love a fluffy and cozy blanket to snuggle under each night? Your comforter/duvet covers should be washed every 4 weeks if using a top sheet underneath them. If you aren’t using a top sheet, you’ll want to wash those covers bi-weekly. Be sure to wash your whole comforter/duvet a few times a year to make sure they stay clean. An easy way to remember to wash your comforter and duvet is to do it when you deep clean in the spring and fall. This way you know they are clean as the seasons change. 

Homage 360+ Hydrogen Peroxide Cleaning Concentrate will get your bedding clean without chemicals.


Your pillowcases should be changed and washed weekly, at least, for the sake of your skin. For your pillows themselves, plan on washing them a few times a year. We recommend washing your pillows when you wash your comforters and duvets. You may prefer to do this at a laundromat in the big, commercial machines. 

How Much Homage 360+ Does Each Load of Laundry Require?

Wondering how much Homage 360+ to use in your load of laundry?

When you are using our Homage 360+ to wash your bedding, be sure to use the appropriate amount based on the size of your laundry load. (Grab a Measuring Glass or our Measure & Mix Pitcher to help you be sure you’ve got the right amount.) We’ve made a handy chart (above) for you to reference as you do your laundry. And to answer your question, yes Homage 360+ is HE washing machine compatible! 

Get your bedding clean and rest easy knowing that your loved ones are sleeping on sheets and pillows washed in non-toxic cleaner with Homage 360+. And did you know? Our gallon size Homage 360+ is 40% less per ounce than our 16oz size! So, now when someone asks you, “Are you washing your bedding enough?” You can answer, “yes!” 


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