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A Note from Our Co-Founder


It’s been a rough few weeks for me personally as I’ve watched a seemingly never-ending barrage of violence and brutality on my television and computer.  Watching the gruesome death of a helpless black man at the hands of people who swore to protect him was something that triggered me and many others who look like me.  Witnessing such a violent act sent me spiraling into a depression.  It was a sad reminder that there are many evil people in this world.

But then I remembered the wonderful people that I engage with every single day.  You, my awesome customers, are absolutely among those that I consider close to my heart.

When I thought about how I have received nothing but love, encouragement, well-wishes, and support from each and every one of you over the years, it reminded me that there are many more good people in this beautiful country than there are bad.

Times like these are a reminder that I have a responsibility to the world as both an individual and as a business owner to continue to stand for what is right.  

Homage believes unequivocally that each and every black life is just as worthy, beautiful, and sacred as every other life.  We believe that racism is a horrible plague and we do not tolerate any semblance of it.  Period.

Leslie and I come from totally different worlds.  When we first met, we had very little in common other than our weirdly passionate love for cleaning products.  Through our journey together over the past few years we’ve gone through some interesting situations, including witnessing racist behavior by others.  At every step of the way, we’ve had each other’s back.  We’re now like a crazy hybrid of sisters/business partners/forever friends.  I truly hope that one day everyone can experience the same positive, pure, and trusting relationship with others outside of their race.

In spite of everything that’s happing around us, let’s all continue to lift each other up.  Stand up for your neighbor, whether they’re black, white, Hispanic, Asian, or whatever.  Love them and support them.  Actively and deliberately sow good into our world, country, and community.  And stay absolutely fabulous!

Sending you all my love! 


❤️ Raven

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