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The non-toxic cleaner every household needs!

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Really! Everyone and every household needs this non-toxic cleaner! One product to clean you whole home and it is safe + effective! Yes please!

Don’t go reaching for that toxic bottle of bleach for your spring cleaning. Don’t do it. I know, I know. You want to make sure that you thoroughly clean your bathroom or kitchen that your precious little crumb-snatchers, pets, and man-child have soiled.

But what exactly is bleach harming?


Aside from polluting our water systems and creating a variety of toxic cocktails by mixing with other elements, most of which remain in our environment for many, many years, bleach is particularly dangerous to humans and pets.   Bleach routinely causes respiratory problems, skin burns, damage to the nervous system, asthma, headaches, migraines, and the list goes on and on. I wouldn’t be surprised if our great-great-grandchildren started growing cycloptic eyes on their foreheads and the toxins in bleach were to blame.


Now here’s your opportunity to reach for something different! Something that you can confidently use around your house and not compromise the long-term health of your children or the environment.


This wonderfully new non-toxic cleaner is called Homage Essentials Hydrogen Peroxide Cleaning Concentrate (Homage is pronounced "OM-ij" or "om-AZH'). This highly concentrated cleaning solution uses powerful hydrogen peroxide to clean just as well (if not better) than the big name brands. And as an added bonus, it smells absolutely fabulous. I mean seriously fabulous. Yes, I admit, I go overboard and I spray this stuff literally everywhere. But I actually look forward to cleaning with it, which says a lot because I freaking HATE to clean.


The ingredients used in these non-toxic cleaners are top quality. The hydrogen peroxide is food grade, so that means there are no toxic preservatives or stabilizers. The surfactant (a.k.a. “soap”) is organic, highly concentrated, and highly effective. It cuts through grease like a Hanzo ninja sword through O-Ren Ishii. And every 16 ounce bottle makes 80 fluid ounces of full strength cleaner that is safe to use all around your house.


I love this stuff, not only because I created it, but because I truly believe in its effectiveness and safety. So much so, that I routinely use it around my house, my babies, and the two deviant spirits thinly disguised as cats.


Homage Essentials Hydrogen Peroxide Based Cleaners have been tested on all types of surfaces, in all types of situations, and they perform flawlessly. Just be careful when using Homage Essentials on finished surfaces because this stuff is POWERFUL. I’ve used it to clean up vomit, cat urine, changing-table poop, and the gag-inducing remnants of an overflowing toilet (yes, you can just imagine the crazy household I live in). I also regularly use it on my kitchen sink, counters, floors, shower doors, and bathroom.


All of our products come with a 30-day money back guarantee. So buy with confidence because I know you will love these new products as much as I do.

Happy spring cleaning!



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