Homage Essentials Affiliate Program

Homage Essentials Affiliate Program

Homage Essentials Affiliate Program

Our affiliate program for Homage Essentials & Co. is officially LIVE! ❤️

For our official affiliate launch we're offering 10% CASH PAYOUTS for all eligible purchases made through an affiliate's link.

Just to give you an idea, average order values are historically around $70, so affiliates can expect to earn about $7 per *eligible* order.

This 10% payout will not last forever though, so join soon by clicking here.

You can trust and believe that the demand for high-quality and high-performing cleaning products will increase steadily over the next few months, and possibly year, as we work to get a handle on the current COVID-19 situation.

As I mentioned before, our products are freaking phenomenal. They're what I refer to as a cult-classic. Our customers are loyal because we produce unique and effective cleaners that smell amazing. We manufacture everything ourselves, and spent years perfecting the formulations. We know exactly what is and is NOT in them. 

And let me tell you, we love our customers. We offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee and make sure every single person who purchases from us is truly happy with their products.

 And they return the love to us! Our site is filled with genuine, uncompensated 5-star reviews! And these amazing people just would NOT let me quit the business when I desperately tried to shut it down so I could focus on running my law firm a few years ago. They kept me going with their encouragement and words of love. 

All of this is to say that we are the real deal. We do NOTHING half-way. So if you decide to join us, know that we will do right by every single person you graciously send our way. 

Just for good measure, there are restrictions in our affiliate program. 10% is an insanely high commission, so we have to put some reins around it to keep folks from abusing it. But these are very reasonable rules! For instance:

1) You won't get payouts on your own orders
2) You won't be eligible for payouts on any returned/canceled orders
3) You won't get payouts from other affiliates who place orders under you
4) You won't be eligible for any other referral programs we offer; etc.

You can click the link to learn more!

Okay! Now come join!

- Raven

 Homage Essentials Affiliate Program

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