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Removing Dish Stains the Lazy Way


I'm all about finding the easiest and laziest way to clean because I really hate to clean.  And if I can do it with products or gadgets I already own, I'm definitely ALL over it.      

I actually discovered the following little trick on accident.

Last week I ran out of detergent for my dishwasher.  I quickly needed something that I could use that wouldn't suds up, but would still get the dishes clean.  I grabbed a scoop of my Fragrance Free Oxygen Powder Booster, threw it in the dispenser, turned that sucker on, and went about my merry day.  I felt comfortable using the Oxygen Booster because it doesn't have any conventional "soap," which is a cardinal no-no for dishwashers, and because it contains a powdered form of hydrogen peroxide plus natural cleaning agents, which made the Booster a natural and highly effective stain fighter.     

A couple of hours later when I was unloading the dishwasher I noticed a huge difference in my dishes.  They were sparkling clean.  And I mean REALLY clean!  One particular dish that I struggle with on a continual basis was the cleanest I've ever seen it in years.  What dish is this, you might wonder, that someone could actually struggle with for so long?  Let me explain....

I love sweets, which many of you can already guess about me.  And one of my absolute all-time favorite sweet thing to consume is sweet tea.  Love, love, **L*O*V*E** it!  And I don't make it just any ol' kinda way.  It has to be slowly brewed, in a special plastic pitcher that I bought when I first got married about 14 years ago, and with lots of REAL sugar (get that fake stuff outta here!).  And because I brew my tea directly in this pitcher, almost daily, the pitcher looks absolutely disgusting from tea stains.  It's seriously revolting to the point where you'd think I've been brewing swamp water in it for the past 14 years.  And no amount of washing in my dishwasher would even scratch the surface of these stains.  Occasionally, if I knew company was coming over and I didn't want them to see the embarrassing stains in my tea pitcher, I would scrub it out with a brillo pad.  

Yes, it really is as exhausting and annoying as it sounds.

So, this swamp-water pitcher was one of the dishes that was washed on the fateful day I happened to use the Oxygen Booster in my dishwasher.  When I pulled it off of the rack after the wash cycle was complete, I was seriously shocked.  Not only was it clean, it was as white as it was the day I bought it!  And the best part is that no scrubbing was required.  

And let me just say that my dishwasher is not one of the new digital state-of-the-art washers that has the sanitize feature, dual compartments, and all the yada, yada, yada whatever is new nowadays.  Mine is the good old fashioned kind that has a dial and two settings: regular, and pots & pans.  No fancy-schmancy settings here.  But the Oxygen Booster worked like a BOSS!

Who knew the Oxygen Booster could work so well, even in an old appliance such as mine?

Yay for new discoveries!

Do you have a cleaning hack you discovered with Homage Essentials products?  Let us know!

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