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The Dirty Truth About Hand Sanitizer

The dirty truth about hand sanitizer

Guess what.  People are gross. 

For whatever reason, my fellow humans just refuse to wash their hands.  They want to go the quick and dirty route (pun intended) of “sanitizing”  them instead (I’m using “sanitize” very loosely here).  Instead of buying up all the soap at grocery stores and supermarkets, they’re buying up all the hand sanitizer.

Here’s the problem with hand sanitizer: it’s generally only effective on clean hands.  And when I say “clean hands,” I mean hands that have no significant amount of dirt and oil present.  Sanitizers containing alcohol cannot penetrate through oil and dirt to kill germs.  What they can do, however, is kill the remaining germs that are present on skin that has been washed.  This is why hand sanitizer is still very important to use in hospital settings by our healthcare workers.  They normally aren’t handling patients after digging around in their cucumber garden with dirt under their nails.

Now, is all hand sanitizer bad for the average citizen who is not dealing with sick patients?  Absolutely not.  It certainly has its place.  If you’re out and about, there is no water or soap anywhere to be found, and all you have is sanitizer, you’d better werk that sanitizer.  It’s definitely better than nothing at all.  Think of it like walking outside into freezing weather either naked or with a windbreaker.  Hand sanitizer is like the windbreaker.  The windbreaker is definitely better, but you’re still going to freeze your bollocks off if you don’t eventually find better protection from the elements. 

non-toxic hydrogen peroxide cleaners

If you want to keep your hands clean, wash them with soap and water, and spray any contact surfaces with a hydrogen peroxide-based cleaning solution.  Hydrogen peroxide is nature’s inexpensive and natural way to kill germs.  It is much like water, but has an extra unstable oxygen molecule that steals electrons from the cellular walls of viruses, bacteria, and other organisms, thereby killing them.

What’s even better about hydrogen peroxide is that once that unstable oxygen molecule has been released, it turns into water.  So no nasty chemicals are left behind to kill our fish and poison our waterways like bleach and other popular disinfectants do.

non-toxic hydrogen peroxide cleaners

Unfortunately, because it’s cheaper to make poison, major manufacturers refuse to make cleaning products that are actually safe for our environment.  But not us!  Homage Essentials has so many amazing cleaning products that contain this glorious substance.  We are deeply committed to preserving the health and wellbeing of our families and planet, and our products prove it.  They are safe, smell AMAZING, are effective, and come with a 100% satisfaction guarantee. 

And not to brag (okay, I’m totally bragging), all of our cleaning products have an average 5-star rating by our loyal and loving customers!

So put down the hand sanitizer and come fall in love with cleaning with Homage Essentials!

Stay safe! 


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