Our Ingredients

We use only premium and responsibly sourced ingredients. Our hydrogen peroxide is food grade only, and contains no toxic preservatives you find in most commercially available hydrogen peroxide solutions. All our detergents are organic and extremely powerful. They can handle the grimiest of jobs effortlessly. Our hand selected spa-like fragrances are safe to use around pets and children without harmful irritations and allergy reactions.

distilled water

Distilled water is chemically pure water. Using distilled water when diluting cleaners is recommended. Peroxide is highly reactive with metals. If there are any minerals or metal in the water you are using to dilute the Homage Essentials & Co Concentrate, the minerals in the water will react with the hydrogen peroxide and will weaken the solution. 

hydrogen peroxide

Hydrogen peroxide is used as an antimicrobial agent and an oxidizing agent offering a lightening/whitening effect. Hydrogen peroxide breaks down into water (H20) and oxygen (O).  We use only Food Grade Hydrogen Peroxide that is free from preservatives. 

organic surfactant

Surfactants are compounds used in an array of cleaning products for their ability to lower the surface tension of water, in essence making the molecules slipperier, so they are less likely to stick to themselves and more likely to interact with oil and grease. As known as a fancy word for "soap" that breaks down grime and grease.

citric acid

Citric acid is an organic weak acid derived from citrus fruits. It acts as a natural stabilizer.

xanthan gum

Xanthan gum is an effective thickening agent and stabilizer to prevent ingredients from separating. It is made through the fermentation of glucose with a bacteria found in cabbage. 

fragrance oils

Fragrance oil(s), also known as aroma oils or aromatic oils are blended synthetic aroma compounds and/or natural essential oils. We use high quality fragrance oils that are skin safe, cosmetic grade, phthalate free,  and paraben free. We adhere to the IFRA fragrance standard for safe fragrance usage in all our products. 

Aside from that fact that this is good for us and the environment, I love the way it smells and how clean my laundry is. I've always used 'free and clear' detergents because I don't like the smell of laundry detergents so I was hesitant to buy one of the scented versions of Homage. However, I tried most of the samples and found this starter kit that included all of my favorites. I appreciate knowing that my laundry is really clean and has a very light, fresh scent. And, my sheets even seem to be a bit softer now! I also use the concentrated cleaners and can't say enough about how well they work...on everything. Such a great company. Thank you for taking 'toxic' out of my cleaning products.

Tamara D.

The fragrances are amazing, but I have to say I am blown away by the cleaning power! It took a little convincing for my husband... He tends to feel that a cleaner is only as good as its ability to melt your nose hairs, and this won't melt any hairs... But it did get rid of mildew in the shower with almost NO work... The husband was sold! My order came with a hand written thank you card, some free cloths and some lollipops, made me feel appreciated, and that much more happy that I love the product and don't ever plan on buying regular cleaners again! My favorite scent is the green tea ginger, but they are all wonderful!

Deirdre M. 



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