Create Your Own Gift Set

Not sure what gift to bring to that gift exchange, teacher gift or that person that is always hard to shop for? We have you covered. We put together a few ideas for you to choose from at all price ranges. 

Gift Sets Under $25

Fragrance Enhancer Gift Set: 16 oz Fragrance Enhancer $12.99 + Glass Spray Bottle $9.99 (normally $19.99) = $22.98

Gift Sets Under $30

Cleaning Concentrate Gift Set: 16 oz Cleaning Concentrate $18.99 + Glass Spray Bottle $9.99 (normally $19.99) = $28.98

Gift Set Under $45

Gift Set Under $60

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Gift Set Under $70

What one would you choose?

We hope these bundled items give you some inspiration to create your own gift set. If you would like recommendations for other gift sets send us a message. Create your own gift set with our gift wrapping option!

Gift Card - Homage Essentials & Co
$ 25.00
Gift Wrapping - Homage Essentials & Co
$ 6.00

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