Homage Essentials Hydrogen Peroxide Cleaner Comparison

7% hydrogen peroxide cleaners comparison

Cleaning Concentrate (Homage 270+) All-Purpose Cleaner: Powerful and safe to use around the kids and pets. Low viscosity. Able to stream and spray. This all-purpose cleaner will leave your hard surfaces so clean you will want to make a mess to use it again. 

Laundry Detergent Universal Cleaner: Homage 360+ formula (laundry detergent renamed) Literally the all-for-one universal cleaner! Use full strength for washing laundry. HE compatible. Dilute to clean everything! From your floors, counters to upholstery and carpet. A bit thicker than our cleaning concentrate. Sprays wide and stream when diluted. 

Sprayable Cleaning Gel: Our Homage 360+ formula in gel form.This hydrogen peroxide cleaning gel is nothing short of genius!  It's thick formula ensures that the peroxide gets the maximum amount of contact with your surface, while minimizing splatters. Perfect for shower walls, glass and pretreating laundry and more! High viscosity even when diluted.