How to use Cleaning Concentrates

How to use cleaning concentrates non-toxic cleaning products

1. Grab an empty spray bottle.

2. Add Cleaning Concentrate + Water to spray bottle.

( 1 part cleaning concentrate, 4 parts water)

There is no one right way to measure and mix. Depending on whether you like to be exact or eyeball how much you use, thats all good!

For those who want to be precise, use 3.2 fluid oz concentrate with 12.8 fluid oz water.

For the latter, if you have a semi opaque container you either can eyeball 1/5 concentrate in the bottle or use a little less than 1/2 cup concentrate. Fill the rest of the bottle with water, just until the bubbles reach the top. 

That's it! Concentrate + Water and you have one cleaner that you can use everywhere in your home!

3. Give a little shake and spray any where that needs cleaning!