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Cleaner Concentrate Cost Breakdown

We love our concentrates because they are multi-purpose and reduce waste. Having one product that does everything saves on storage space and on the wallet. No more buying single use plastic bottles that after use you have to throw away and go back to the store. One container of concentrate can many multiple bottles of all purpose cleaner.

Dilute concentrate with water in a spray bottle and start cleaning. All you have to do is decide what size concentrate is best for your household size and the fragrance. 


Here's a breakdown of price and how many bottles each cleaner concentrate size makes. There are three size options to choose from for Homage Essentials Hydrogen Peroxide Cleaning ConcentrateOur cleaning concentrate is available in 16 oz, 32oz and 128oz ( Gallon size). There isn't a wrong or right size to choose. When choosing Homage Essentials Cleaning Concentrate, think of your household size and how often you clean.

Gallon Size Cleaning Concentrate


 Lastly the 128 oz size or we like to call it the gallon size cleaner concentrate. This size is by far the best deal. One gallon of concentrate can last up to a years worth of cleaning! This is like the bulk buy size you would get at Costco. The gallon of cleaning concentrate makes 40 spray bottles of all-purpose cleaner (16 oz size bottle) at $1.87 per bottle!! 


How long would it take you to go through 40 bottles of cleaner? The gallon size concentrate is perfect for the deal hunter, large household or friends who want to split a gallon to save money. 

What ever size you choose you will be happy with your choice. We think the the hardest decision is choosing a fragrance!What size is best for you?

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