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Cleaning Concentrates: Why they are great & How to use them

Cleaning Concentrates Why to use them

Simplify Your Cleaning Products

The shift towards the minimalist lifestyle, zero waste and eco-friendly products are changing the way we think about the products we use in our homes everyday. 
Don't forget to add cleaning products to that list! 
Single use cleaning products such as counter spray or toilet bowl cleaners clutter our cabinets and create more waste with extra packaging. The sprays that you buy at the store contain also only a small amount of cleaner and the rest is water or a filler. 
Count up the number of different cleaning products you use in your home. How many did you count? Chances are you have a hand full of different types of cleaners that are used for one purpose. 
Wouldn't it be great to only have one product that could clean your whole house? And be non-toxic? Plus smell amazing?

Why Cleaning Concentrates are Great

The Cleaning Concentrate is the answer reducing your cleaning products down to one or two. The cleaning concentrate is where the cleaning power comes from. Some brands have different types of concentrates for single use.  At Homage Essentials, our  Cleaning Concentrate is that one and only cleaning product that you need to clean your whole home. 

Our concentrates are great because:


· One Cleaner for your whole home

· Non-toxic, Safe + Effective

· Reduces waste with less packaging

· Organic Surfactants ( soaps)


 That's right, one product for you whole home! Buying concentrate gives you the flexibility to have cleaner when you want it and how you want to use it. Homage Essentials Cleaning Concentrates can be used on every surface and room. From your kitchen to your bathroom, windows, floor, toilets.


How to use Cleaning Concentrates

1. Grab an empty spray bottle.

2. Add Cleaning Concentrate + Water to spray bottle.  

3. Give a little shake and spray any where that needs cleaning! 


 There is no one right way to measure and mix. Depending on whether you like to be exact or eyeball how much you use, thats all good! 

 For those who want to be precise, use 3.2 fluid oz concentrate with 12.8 fluid oz water.For the latter, if you have a semi opaque container you either can eyeball 1/5 concentrate in the bottle or use a little less than 1/2 cup concentrate. Fill the rest of the bottle with water, just until the bubbles reach the top. 


Concentrate + Water = Universal Cleaner

Easy to make, Easy to use.

That's it! Concentrate + Water. You'll have one multi-surface/purpose cleaner that you can use everywhere in your home! When you need another bottle of cleaner add a bit of the concentrate to your bottle with water. Enjoy more time with your family and home than at the store. Cleaning concentrates create less waste, are eco-friendly and saves you money.


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