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About Us

Welcome to Homage Essentials & Co!

Homage Essentials & Co is the result of a clean conscious lawyer and a loyal customer with creative ideas. Owners, Raven and Leslie, combined their strengths to bring to you the awesome hydrogen peroxide cleaners.

Thank you so much for investing in our products! 

About Leslie, Co Owner

Hi! I'm Leslie! I'm a PNW native, live in Edmonds, WA with my husband and two boys. I love plants, thrifting and home remodel. I will be managing Homage Essentials & Co in the day to day operations and customer service. If you send an email to, it will be me responding to you! You can also connect with me at

About Raven, Co Owner

Hey! I'm Raven! I'm a lawyer by trade, don't hold it against me. I live in Texas with my son and daughter. I love creating new products. I'll be in the background work on all things legal. You can contact me at