Homage 360+ 7% Hydrogen Peroxide Universal Cleaning Concentrate - 16 oz
$ 18.99


    Introducing the last cleaner you'll ever buy!  This amazing product can be used on virtually every surface in every room, plus laundry, fabric and upholstery!

  • Kitchen: countertops, sink, cabinets, appliances, stainless steel, glass, tile, grout, ceramic, hardware, and more! 
  • Soft surfaces: laundry, carpets, upholstery, and more!
  • Bathroom: tubs, shower, toilets, sinks, tile, grout, mirrors, windows, hardware, lighting 
  • Bedroom: windows, furniture, lighting, toys, and more! 
  • Other Areas: ceramic, metal, concrete, car interiors, outdoor furniture, garage, and more!

    Homage 360+ is HE washing machine compatible and safe to use in most carpet cleaning machines.*

    Details: 16-ounce (473 ml) concentrated 7% hydrogen peroxide universal cleaner and fabric detergent. Washes up to 10 loads of laundry or dilutes to 80 fluid ounces of industrial strength 1.3% hydrogen peroxide universal cleaning solution. Cleaner be used on all hard surface, fabric, upholstery carpet and textiles. 

    We're so confident you will absolutely love this product that we guarantee it's effectiveness!  If you're unsatisfied, send us back your unused portion within 30 days for a full refund, no questions asked!

    The surfactants in this detergent

  • Rinse Easily
  • Are Naturally Plant Based
  • Are Non-Toxic
  • Contain NO SLS
  • Contain NO Synthetic Ingredients
  • Contain NO Phosphates
  • Safe for Fish and Aquatic Life

    Our high-quality fragrances are

  • Skin-Safe
  • Phthalate-free
  • Same Quality as Expensive Body Sprays
  • Long-Lasting

    Our hydrogen peroxide

  • Contains NO Heavy Metals
  • Contains NO Stabilizers
  • Is Highly Concentrated and Potent
  • Is Food Grade Quality

    Our fragrance free version is PERFECT for babies and those with chemical sensitivities or allergies.

    Homage Essentials offers hydrogen peroxide cleaners and products that you can really feel good about using around your family and pets.  We are so confident in our products that every purchase is backed by our 30-day unconditional 100% Satisfaction Guarantee.

    So go ahead and buy with confidence because we've got you covered.

    * Test before use


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